Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anticipation │ A view before Birth │ 2004, 2005

So much for my goal of getting something posted here once a week.

I really had good intentions this year to try and get more done on the digital scrapping front, and my good intentions will continue.

This is a redo of some of the only hybrid pages I did when I first started their baby books and which prompted me to make the leap to digital. I got one set of the pages done and then never got the other scrapped (printed and cut, all it needed was to be put together and it never got done).

So here are my sweet babies during their 38 week journey in my tummy. The sonographer was really sweet about getting us pictures until the very last US when there was just no room left in there for you to wiggle about and for her (Lisa was her name) to do more than get the necessary measurements.

Flergs was one of the first designers I found when I started my digi-scrapping journey and I love her stuff still 3 years later. She is a very talented designer - her flowers are always my favorites.

Kit - DayDreamer by Flergs
Fonts - 2Peas Evergreen & Blackjack
Actions - inked edges & torn by Atomic Cupcake

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