Friday, April 30, 2010

Custom Photo Invitation │ Sentiments by Sarah │ Girl's 5th Birthday Invitation

When I started digital scrapbooking back in 2007 I had no idea how far that process would evolve - My Scrappin' Evolution was certainly an apt name because from that meek beginning my life and my craft have certainly evolved over the past three years.

To that end I have decided that this blog will still continue to be my home to share digital scrapbooking pages and possibly free kits again one day, but it will also include more items from my work-at-home-mom business Sentiments by Sarah, as well as other tips on photoshop and photography - all the wonderfully creative things that twirl around my life as a mom of fabulous and funny twin girls.

To my amazement, time has flown by and those funny and fabulous twins will soon be celebrating their 5th birthday, a fact that they celebrate exuberantly daily. In addition to the their birthday list they are starting their Christmas lists as well.

If you have someone celebrating a special birthday and you'd like to invite friends and family in a special way, consider Sentiments by Sarah for a unique custom design. If you would like a you-print option, please contact me for details, as that option is not available on my website.

Kozul Bday Blog Photo

Happy Birthday my sweet Girls - Mommy loves you SOOO much!

photos by Mom (me)

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annette said...

So adorable! Would you mind sharing some of that talent of yours? =) Or just throw a tad of creativity my way! Hehe.