Friday, April 9, 2010

Brenham Bluebonnets │ Kingwood Area Children's Photographer

I made my first trip to Brenham this past week with two girlfriends and their sets of twins and my own set of twins (it was a lot of kids). The goal was to take photos of one set of twins and their younger sister in the massive fields of bluebonnets.

I was quite excited on the trip up because the cloud cover was creating a giant softbox in the sky, which makes it much easier to take "as you are" photos of little kids who aren't of the mindset to be directed. But naturally, as soon as we pulled into the first field of flowers the sun popped out and we all started sweating.

Amazingly, everyone stayed in pretty good spirits despite the heat and despite the first field not being solid blue like it had been for the mom last year. Bringing my girls along proved to be a bit tricky as they have a tendency to use me as a chair anytime I'm close to the ground and I missed a few shots because they hopped on my legs the first time I crouched down to take pictures. They were quite content once we got them playing with the baby though.

I wanted to share some of the photos I was able to capture of these beautiful kiddos. What a challenge, but I love the end results.

SE 2010 04 05 Brenham_4765SE 2010 04 05 Brenham_4992
SE 2010 04 05 Brenham_4793SE 2010 04 05 Brenham_4798
SE 2010 04 05 Brenham_4820

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Five17Creations said...

Hi again! I left you a comment a while back - a scrapbooking customer of mine had sent me to yout site because she liked your style. That customer is from New Jersey, and I didn't think anything at the time about where you are. But I just now saw your pictures of the bluebonnets and the title about being a Kingwood area photographer. What a small world... I just recently moved to Austin, but we lived in the Kingwood area for 7 years before that! This is my family if you have curiousity... I love blogs!