Sunday, November 30, 2008

MoM LOs - do I do anything else these days?

As much as I always love my finished newsletter I am reminded how much effort I pour into it each month when I come here and realize that I have not done a single LO for my girls in 3 months (nor created any kits in MUCH longer). I had hoped to finish this newsletter early and do some girly LOs over the long weekend - but that goal was not achieved - perhaps before Christmas.

Template 68 by Yin
Kit :Wub: by Robin Carlton, Christy Lyle & Manda Bean
Fonts:Blue Century, CK Journaling
Template 30 by Yin Designs
Paper - Tracy Lee, Shimmer Primaries
Fonts:Qhytsdakx, CK Journaling
Template 34 by Yin Designs
Paper & Element from Sugar in Heaven by Jeann G
Fonts: Jane Austen, Portia
Template 36 by Yin Designs
No Wolves in These Woods by Coralie Designs
Tree Template by Cindy Schneider
Font: EK Periwinkle
Kit :Wub: by Robin Carlton, Christy Lyle & Manda Bean
Frames by Yin Designs
Font:EK Periwinkle
Frames by Yin Designs
Paper by Scraps from Sarah Belle
Post Its by chibi_fr
Font:CK Journaling

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Lee Anne said...

Great pages! I remember when I did the newsletter for our group I had no time for anything else (scrapping related that is) as it took up all my "free" time for the month. It is a big undertaking and I applaud you for doing such a great job with yours!