Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas 2007 Things of Note

Aaaah - this page took so much effort - so hard to tell when looking at the finished product. These pictures were taken in November and I started a LO back then because I liked them so much, but I wanted to use both pictures, but the colors don't really work together, but changing them to B&W would have lost the mood I think. So I tried to create different backgrounds, browns, pinks, greens - and nothing seemed to work because the other picture is just so, well, brown. So I've worked on a few different days over the past months and would just close it back up when I couldn't figure something out. My husband looked at me like I had gone insane when I told him I was coming back up to work on a LO that was really giving me a hard time (like how in the world could that be that difficult).

Then I struggled with a LO for two pictures that I wanted to be relatively the same size - no embellishment seemed to go with trains - certainly not flowers and it wasn't really too Christmasy so snowflakes didn't seem right either.

Fortunately, on yesterday's freebie blog there was a challenge from Little Dreamer Designs - a color challenge focusing on white - and so viola, the background sorta came to be - but all white didn't work either, so lots of experimentation with different overlays and actions and nothing seemed right. Then I remembered seeing this corner detail on one of Flerg's page - I don't know if was a template or her own design, but with a little trial & error I was able to duplicate it and I think it turned out cute and added just enough color - even though there is no way that you could fold the corner back and have those notebook edges in real life, its still a nice effect.

Then what about borders for pictures - the vintage look is in right now and did you know that these picture frames are right there in PSE5 for you to just add!? I find something new everyday now in this program. I also was able to lighten the bottom picture by adding the "screen" blend mode. Still not for sure what it does, but it made the picture look better.

The journaling was fun - the girls just loved Frosty this year - I really think because they learned first that he sang instead of Santa Claus. So it was nice to have a place to record some of the neat things they thought about Christmas this year.

Paper from Dear Santa by Karen Lewis
Notebook paper (used as a template for corner) from Express Yourself by Ronna Penner
Stitching by Natali
Actions - inked edge by Atomic Cupcake
Font - Minya nouvelle

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Annie said...

Definitely worth the effort! Looks awesome!