Monday, February 4, 2008


I guess one shouldn't really admit when they've done something that looks so simple that they actually make it quite difficult - but that's exactly what I did. As I was once again struggling with this LO I was reading through some other blogs and there was someone applying for a CT who said it normally took her 1/2 to 2 hrs per LO - I'm probably still at 4-6 hrs and that's with digital - it took me so much longer with paper that its a good thing I switched.

I knew I wanted to do the flim strips and once again there they were just sitting in there in PSE. I really wanted the text on the strip to stand out as the title, but it's hard since it's so tiny - but I'm sure it will look bigger printed out 12x12. Then what to do with the background - there was already so much blue in the photos and pink once again just wasn't right - so what's the solution - WHITE - at least I learned that the other day. I found the funky circle paper and tried a bunch of different things with that, piddled around with some glitter, all kinds of things before settling on the 3 simple circles and the rectangle of blue - looks like it should have taken all of 10 minutes to do this LO - not two nights.

Paper from Kaylabugs by Raspberry Road Designs
Action - inked edge by Atomic Cupcake
Fonts - Imprint MT Shadow, Suzie's Hand

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