Friday, February 26, 2010

I ♥ Faces │ Fix It Friday

Felt the need to do a little edit this morning of someone that didn't belong to me.

I have scrapbook work to do, but nothing like a little distraction for fun.

Fix It Friday

for my fix-it

I adjusted the white balance just a smidge in Camera Raw to warm the photo

In CS3
* I cropped the photo to a 6x4, ended up with her eyes dead center, which I know is not the best, but I think its ok for this one

*I did a levels adjustment layer and masked just the areas I thought were severely shadowed, then lightened the midtones and brought the blacks in

* then I did a curves adjustment layer for the same masked area to correct the color - she seemed a bit green (maybe a cast from the grass?)

* then I did a hue/saturation layer on a sky with a big soft brush to make the cyans bluer - I just like blue skies

* finally, I bumped the saturation of the whole photo just a smidge

with more time, I would have fiddled with the skin on her elbows a bit

off to check out other fix-its and how some of the contributor's achieved their fixes - you can see more here


Meagan said...

I like it! You really brightened up her face well, and the sky is a beautiful blue!

Leora Sanford said...

very nicely done!! Great fix!! :)