Friday, March 14, 2008

For My Daughters

This is such a far leap from what my LOs normally look like it doesn't seem like it belongs, but it needs to be in their book. From when I first saw the inspiration for this page I knew I had to do one like it, but how do you condense pregnancy & birth into one page?? I tried to imagine what I would really want them to know if I'm not here when they have kids of their own. This might be one of those that gets edited more than once!

The only new technique here is cropping the picture using feathering and applying a blending mode of multiply so that the picture and background merged. I was so happy I had this paper texture, otherwise the whole thing would have just looked so flat to me.

I think I need to add a date though so the girls know how pregnant I was when the pic was taken - FYI very pregnant - just 8 days before they were born.

Page Idea from Pregnancy Facts for My Girls by Joy Bohon @ 2 Peas in a Bucket
Paper Texture by Betty
Fonts - Pea Johanna, 4990810

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