Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mother's Day 2006

I'm so happy to post a new LO. December is flying by as well, and it didn't seem like I was making as much progress. Last week was terribly busy and this week is almost gone as well. Soon we'll be on our way to visit family & friends for the holidays and I haven't decided whether I'll bring my laptop with me or not.

Not many new techniques here - just reapplying the ones I learned late last month. I hope everyone has figured out when I post two LOs that look very similiar there is always one picture that is an individual picture of the girls, so they have a unique page in their baby book.

Template - Template 166 by Andrea Gold (Andrea posts a new template almost few days for free, but they are only available for a short time, so you have to keep up with her)
Kit - Chocolate Berry by Flergs
Layer Style - Chocolate Berry Glitter Styles by Flergs
Fonts - Scriptina, Jayne

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Flergs said...

I love how you do 2 layouts each time so your gorgeous girls are spotlighted! Phew not only 2 little angels to look after but you have to do double the scrapping!! Have a great Christmas! They will love it this year too, it gets so much better as they get older.