Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joy (at Christmas time)

ooh - scrapbooking again pictures that are less than a week old (and I still have paper LOs that need my attention). Not for sure that this page is finished. The white space on the left feels good - but I don't have a title so that feels odd. Guess I'll let it simmer a bit and see if I come back to it.

Well I came back to it. I spent quite a few hours learning how to load actions, brushes & layers into PSE, but I finally figured it out and I know I'll use them alot in the future too.

Template - Template 15 by MOriginals
Kit - Dear Santa by Karen Lewis
Actions - Pristine Chipboard by Atomic Cupcake
font - jayne print, 2 peas Flea Market Block Regular


Meridith said...

This is so cute! I love the tree with the different papers!

Meridith (Moriginals)

nancypinct said...

I said "Oh, How Cute!" out loud when the page loaded. This is really nice what you did with Mo's template! Thank you for sharing your color scheme with me!