Saturday, June 7, 2008

Out in the Rain

I've had quite the struggle this week to find time for my computer. My girls are really not wanting to nap and we've been going to the pool for a few hours most days so in addition to not getting much "me" time during the day, I'm also just exhausted by the time we get them in bed that I'm ready to fall into my own. My darling husband has them at Home Depot this morning for the kid's workshop so I spending the time on the computer instead of cleaning my house which really needs to be done as well.

A very straight forward LO to get the creating flowing again. I'm trying to use things from my April prize at the digichick - $10 per designer doesn't go as far as one might think, and its hard for me to buy something without knowing specifically what I might use it for, so I tried to stick with basics. I was reading an interview with one of the Treat Of The Month at Sweet Shoppe Designs and she said she almost always does a LO and then finds a picture to go with it - maybe someday I'll be so far ahead that I can do that. I think I've scrapped 4 pictures from this May though and there are Easters and Birthdays waiting to be done.

I said I wasn't going to the Benevolent Boutique charity kits this month, but then Crystal sent out the color palette and the themes and I couldn't help myself. Plus I want to work on a kit for myself AND I've gotten started on the newsletter which is going to eat up a lot of time. I'm hoping that I get just one page scrapped each week now that I've committed to these other things.

I'd also like to mention a great blog I found by way of a comment on Spring Swing. Ann goes by "the3chickens" and not only does she create amazing LOs, but she has a great list of freebies each day and does a lot of sale shopping to point out the great deals out there.

Page Idea from Potty Training by Sari at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Blue Paper from Shimmer Primaries by Tracy Lee Designs
Rain from Diamond Rain by Jofia Devoe
Stitching by Natali
Alpha from Acrylic Alpha by Vicki Parker (A Work in Progress)
Font Problem Secretary


Crystal said...

Great layout and I'm glad I was able to entice you :)

Lee Anne said...

So cute! Love that blue background and don't you just love the Diamond Rain?

I used to do the newsleter for the group I was in there and it was VERY time consuming in the beginning. But you get into a groove so it will take less and less time. :) Have fun with it!

the3chickens said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, Sarah! Much appreciated :)

Gosh, your daughers are super-adorable! and I love the use of Jofia's diamond rain in these LOs.

Have a nice weekend :)