Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Little Tomboys

I really took some shortcuts with this LO. During one of my earlier visits to Sweet Shoppe Designs Gallery for inspiration I noticed a LO and added it to my favorites for a future "lift". To my great surprise, the LO was chosen to the the cookie (template) of the week, which made it even easier to lift. It's almost an exact duplicate of the original because I already had the same kit that Kay Miller used in the original LO. So no originality here on my part - just knocking out another LO using one of my favorite pictures. I think its the outfit in the picture as much as anything - I loved those brown cords and that jean jacket, and they still love to wear Daddy's ball caps.

I did want to share a little tip I use for naming files. I start each file with the year the picture was taken followed by the month then a title. So this one is filed as "2006 10 Our Little Tomboys" In this way all the files are orderly and I can use the files to quickly organize a book since they are already in chronological order.

Template by Aggie Adviso for Cookie Decorating 101 at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Kit Haute Spring by Zoe Pearn
Demin from Spring in Denim by Dnadryad
Glitter by Flergs
Actions - inked edge by Atomic Cupcake
Font - Mom's Typewriter


Anonymous said...

Totally adorable! I love this LO and the twins photo make it just pop. How cute are those little suede shoes? lol I want a pair of each color!

Nettie said...

so cute, sarah!! you've done another great job! and it doesn't hurt that iva and alena are so darn adorable!!

Lee Anne said...

Very cute! I love the new method for naming files and may have to adopt that myself. Hope you don't mind me using your idea. :)