Monday, April 28, 2008

Cherish Each Other

My computer/internet was not working last week - so I had to get the creative juices flowing again. Not having reliable computer access these days is difficult for me - I'm so accustomed to just being able to pop on anytime. Hopefully this time I've got it all set up ok so that the next big storm won't knock everything out again.

I used the color blending mode here to make the swirl brush and the title seem like the were part of the background paper - this way the texture shows through. The patterned papers were too bright so I applied a light sepia overlay to them (just used the sepia photo filter to change a piece of paper to sepia and then just changed the opacity). For the main phot to have that retro feel, I took a copy of the original and changed it to black & white and then layered them on top of each other and set the opacity of the B&W photo to 75% so just a hint of the soft colors from behind would show. I also applied an inner glow to the paper square to give them a bit more dimension.

Page Idea from Love You Always by d2vasquez at the digichick
Kit Haute Spring by Zoe Pearn
Ric Rac from Bows & Ribbons Vol 3 by Bannerwoman Designs
Brush from SwirlsII by Stephanie Shimerdia (obsidian dawn)
Stitched Button from Stitching by Petja24
Edge Overlay from Zoey by Clara Wallace
Fonts - Mom's typewriter, 4990810, IKHI00GLA3

I'm working on a freebie called Little Athlete - I just need to find some time to finish it and do a couple more layouts - I'd really hoped to get 12 done this month - if I hadn't lost that week I might have gotten it done.


Lee Anne said...

Oh how sweet! That is an adorable photo and the layout is just too cute! I just love when my boys hug...makes me smile every time.

Joy said...

Love the layout!!! And just so you know, I noticed you weren't posting. It drives me crazy when I can't get online... Missed you while you were "off-line"! (So I had to go download some of your other kits! Thanks!)