Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toothy Grin

This tooth chart is something I've been kicking around for a LONG time (about two years) and I finally got the motivation to get it done due to Megan (aka Flerg's) who lives down under and does beautiful design work. She is holding a contest to find CT (creative team) members. I think CT members get to use the designers products free of charge to create LOs that should inspire others to purchase items from the designer. Now, I don't have enough free time to be on her CT, even if she were to select me, but I love using her stuff just the same.

I recently got a few actions from Atomic Cupcake. An action is like a microsoft macro, it just records a series of steps to make it easier on the next person. The actions they have created are just amazing. I can finally have inked edges again because of them. So the edges of the frame & tag are inked, the teeth have a frosted glass effect (which I think makes them look more 3D), the edges of the transparent paper are torn, and the background for the teeth started off using her cutout action (like making it into a sticker), but then I changed the paper.

And then I used a distort filter (liquify) to push in the ribbon so it would appear it was going through the eyelet. The tutorial has a few more steps that I didn't use in this LO, but I'll give it another whirl soon. I used the old paper photo filter on the pictures - they were too bright to go with the muted LO.

So - a lot of things came together to get this LO done, but it's great to have another "traditional" babybook page off the list of pages to do.

Kit (paper & alpha) from Strawberry Delight Mini by Flerg's
Tag, Staple & Eyelet from Decon's Closet Sampler by Flerg's
Brown Glitter Style from Chocolate Berry by Flerg's
Actions - tear, inked edge, cutout & frosted glass by Atomic Cupcake
Font - kid print
Tutorial - how to thread an eyelet by Scrap Your Art Out!

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Flergs said...

So cute! And what a great idea for a page. I love how you always do 2 separate layouts, that is so neat. And they will love having their own albums one day too.