Monday, November 19, 2007

Your Own Style

This is one of our favorite pictures. It doesn't look like much really, but it captures such a special time when the girls were first moving around - Alena by crawling and Iva by creeping on her tummy. This meant that Alena was always in the lead, but Iva made pretty good time.

I was working on this LO when I decided to check for freebies and this template was right there - I knew it would be perfect for this picture. It took a while to get the background color - I tried green, brown & pink all from the patterned paper, but they distracted from the photo. Finally I just made it the same color as the blanket in the photo and it all just clicked. The hardest part of this one was learning to use the text mask - you can't just move the text around or resize it once you use a mask (or at least I couldn't find that you could) so it took a few trials to get it right.

And now I really must get to work on that paper LO that I've been meaning to work on - but keep letting the computer distract me.

Template - Template 11 by MOriginals
Digital Paper Kit - Live for the Joy by Kay Miller
Overlay - Zoey by Clara Wallace
Overlay - Vintage Christmas by Sunflowers
Fonts - Serrific Grunge, Euphorigenic, jayne print


Meridith said...

So cute! Thanks for letting me know where to see it!


Meridith said...

This looks really great! Thanks for letting me know where I could come see it!


sunflowers said...

hello your layout lokks so amazing, nice to see, that you used my overlay :O). thanks for showing